Award Committee Policies and Procedures

The Council of Atlantic University Libraries (CAUL-CBUA) launched the Collaborative Research & Innovation Grant to support new or established librarians, working in a CAUL-CBUA member institution, who aspire to, or are, actively engaged in research.


The CAUL-CBUA Collaborative Research & Innovation Grant is intended to encourage collaborative research across the academic libraries in the region and recognize innovation.

Grant Amount

Two research grants of up to $1,000 each are awarded annually, when merited, to help achieve the following objectives:
  • to support new or established practitioners working in academic libraries conducting research with the intent to share results through publication and/or conference presentations;
  • to encourage and support collaborative research undertaken by practitioners in the field of academic librarianship;
  • to promote research in the field of academic librarianship that is evidence based and applicable to the region.
An award of $500 to recognize a recent innovative practice or service may also be awarded to a CAUL-CBUA librarian or team of librarians.

Eligibility Criteria

Persons submitting proposals must work in a CAUL-CBUA member institution.

Submission of Proposals

Grant applicants should submit their proposal via e-mail by midnight on the last Friday in October, annually. Confirmation of submission will be sent to the applicant. Submissions by fax or post will not be accepted.
The proposal should be in the form of a letter which explicitly addresses the criteria for evaluation listed above and also containing:
  • name and address of applicant, mailing address and date of application;
  • a reasonable description of the research or development project identifying methodology and design or development process;
  • duration of the project, including a project timetable;
  • assessment of the potential utility of research results to the CAUL-CBUA academic library community;
  • indication of how the results of the research project will be disseminated – e.g. as an article manuscript submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for publication;
  • detailed assessment of costs and statement of other grants/awards received; and
  • a current Curriculum Vitae.

CAUL-CBUA Review Committee

Proposals will be adjudicated by a committee designated by the Board of Directors. This committee is composed of the CAUL-CBUA Past Chair, a CAUL-CBUA Member-at-Large, and a previous winner. In the event there is no past winner available to serve, a second member-at-large will be appointed.The CAUL-CBUA Manager will sit ex-officio. The Past Chair will serve a two year term and the member-at-large and past winner will serve one-year terms. The committee will be constituted annually at the Spring Board of Directors meeting.
The Committee meets by early November of each year to review any submissions received. If there are no suitable applications or candidates, the Review Committee reserves the right not to give out an award in any given year.

Selection Criteria

Research which proposes solutions to practical questions as well as projects which involve structured evidence-based research are invited. Identification of projects of regional interest, which can prove useful in developing research partnerships between practitioners, educators and students are also encouraged.

Proposals for funding are judged on:

  1. originality or importance of research or project;
  2. relevance of the research or project to the goals and objectives of the CAUL-CBUA libraries;
  3. appropriateness of the proposed research method and development process;
  4. detail of planned oversight and management of the project;
  5. expected impact of the research;
  6. timeliness of the research (must be completed in less than two years); and
  7. comprehensiveness of the application.

Conditions of the Grant

  • Research must commence in the year for which the grant is awarded;
  • the Announcement of the Award should be issued by the end of October of each year;
  • the CAUL-CBUA manager ensures announcements of the award go to the various organizations for publication. Announcements are placed on the CAUL-CBUA website, APLA listserv, and any network deemed appropriate;
  • award dollars are given out in January of each year. Award cheques will be issued to the applicant’s institutional Grants Office unless otherwise indicated. The CAUL-CBUA Manager will coordinate this process once the award has been announced;
  • a report will be filed with the CAUL-CBUA within two months of the completion of the project or two years after receiving the grant, whichever is the shorter time period;
  • the grant must be acknowledged in publications and presentations emanating from the research or development accomplished through the CAUL-CBUA Research & Innovation Grant; and
  • past award winners may be asked to sit on the committee to adjudicate future submissions
Created: September 2012
Revised: June 28, 2017